Distinguished Service Ruby Recognition:

  • This is the most prestigious recognition presented by ESP and is designed to
    recognize truly outstanding thinking, performance, and leadership in Extension.
  • It is understood that the recipient has made highly significant contributions on
    the state, regional, national, and(when applicable) international Extension scenes
    in a variety of ways and over a career that spans a lifetime.
  • The narrative summary statement must be limited to 50-75 words and the entire
    application should be no more than 1,000 words.
  • One nominee per chapter per year.
  • The recipient gives the Ruby Lecture at the National ESP Conference.
  • One recognition annually to an ESP member whose dues are paid for the previous
    year and the current year (by February 1).
  • Gold ESP insignia pin, inset with ruby stone and one diamond per 10 years of service,
    and plaque presented to recipient during the National ESP Conference Recognition Event.
  • The cost of the diamond insets is the responsibility of the sponsoring chapter.
  • Note: This year the forms have been modified so that the number of words will be limited in the various sections.  The limitations are actually characters rather than words.  The number of words used for limits are based on an average of 8 characters per word plus a following space.  For example a 200 word limit is actually a total of 1,600 characters. Once the limit is met, no further characters will be recorded.  If you are using a word processor and are cutting and pasting into the online system be sure to check to see that you have not exceed the number of characters.

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