Acknowledges outstanding efforts and accomplishments in developing, achieving and sustaining

  • Extension programs and/or audiences in our diverse and multicultural society.
  • Diversity refers to the fact that our community, both locally and nationally, is comprised of many individuals, each
    having unique attributes based on a variety of social, physical, and cultural characteristics.
  • Multiculturalism is a philosophy that recognizes, accepts, and integrates the contributions and achievements of all
    people into the social and economic fabric of the community in which they exist.
  • Multiculturalism requires an understanding of and respect for the historical bases of the belief systems and traditions
    of various groups to develop their members socially, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, and physically.
  • Nominations should show understanding, valuing and celebrating differences among people relative to race, color,
    creed, religion, national origin, gender, age, marital status, disability, public assistance status, veteran status and
    sexual orientation (List is not all- inclusive and not limited to those mentioned.)
  • The diversity/multicultural program must have been implemented in the past three years.
  • Program description addresses significant diversity/multicultural issues for a period of at least one year.
  • Makes innovative efforts to attract and reach diverse and/or multicultural audiences.
  • Demonstrates collaborative efforts.
  • Utilizes creative and unique strategies to market or publicize the program to reach diverse and/or
    targeted audiences.
  • Makes efforts above and beyond affirmative action program requirements.
  • Demonstrates potential for replication by others
  • An editable/ printable Chapter Recognition Certificate can be prepared and signed by chapter leadership. ESP
    certificate seals are available for purchase from the ESP Executive Director using the ESP Supply Order Form.


Judging Criteria
Program description using the above criteria 60 points
Accomplishments/Evaluation 25 points
Future implications
15 points
100 points

Note: This year the forms have been modified so that the number of words will be limited in the various sections.  The limitations are
actually characters rather than words.  The number of words used for limits are based on an average of 8 characters per word plus a
following space.  For example a 200 word limit is actually a total of 1,600 characters. Once the limit is met, no further characters will
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