Designed to pay the tribute to an experienced Extension professional who has consistently exhibited  leadership and excellence in Extension
program planning, delivery, evaluation, in program and/or administration for over 10 years and less than 20 years. Data supporting measurable
impacts of the candidate's work in meeting needs of clientele will strengthen the nomination.

Note: This year the forms have been modified so that the number of words will be limited in the various sections.  The limitations are actually
characters rather than words.  The number of words used for limits are based on an average of 8 characters per word plus a following space. 
For example a 200 word limit is actually a total of 1,600 characters. Once the limit is met, no further characters will be recorded.  If you are using
a word processor and are cutting and pasting into the online system be sure to check to see that you have not exceed the number of characters.

Click the Mid Career Service Recognition Application link to submit an application form.