Instructions for Submitting National Recognition Submission Form for National Recognition

Deadline for submission of the National Recognition Submission Form, all online submissions of Applicantions/Nominations for awards, and the required Statements of Support is March 1.

Nominations for National Recognition (by Region)

When members submit chapter recognition nomination forms online the information is stored in the national website database.

The database will contain all nominations submitted.

The Chapter Recognition Contact will submit the National Recognition Nomination Submission Form identifying chapter recognition recipients the chapter is submitting for national / regional recognition. Each nominee's form will be submitted to the appropriate region for judging in that category.

In cases where the chapter chooses not to use the online system for chapter recognition nominations, in addition to completing National Recognition Nomination Submission Form, the chapter will be expected to submit the appropriate online chapter nomination form and support forms as required for each recognition nominee.

Nominations not submitted using the online nomination form will not be considered for national recognition.

When chapter recognition forms are submitted online copies are automatically sent to:

  1. The individual submitting the form (the email address of the individual  is required).
  2. The Chapter Recognition Chair  (the email address of the chair  is required).
  3. The National ESP Office.

When the Chapter Recognition Chair submits the National Recognition Nomination Submission Form the National Office receives the form and verifies that dues are paid by each nominee. The office then forwards the recogniton forms to chapters in the appropriate region for balloting and selection of national recognition recipients.  If the Chapter does not submit their National Recognition Nomination Submission Form by the March 1 deadline their Chapter Recognition winners will not be included in Regional Competition.

Distinguished Service Ruby Recognition / Friend of Extension

Nominations for Distinguished Service Ruby Recognition are submitted using the form under the National Recognition tab.

Nomination forms that are submitted to National Office. Copies also go to the Scholarships, Grants and Recognition Committee for balloting.

The information included on the nomination form of nominees selected for national recognition will be used for the recognitionn presentation and for the recognition booklet .

National Friend of Extension nominations must be submitted using the form under the National Recognition tab.  A Statement of Support from the State Extension Director is required, using the form under the National Recognition tab.